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July 30, 2014

Ask 37-year-old Bloomingdale resident and restaurateur, Tom Pantano, how he got into the pet food delivery business and you’ll get only a one word answer – Nala.

In 2007, Pantano’s best friend Nala, a then 2-year-old Bull Mastiff, was a victim of a pet food recall that took thousands of pet’s lives across the country. Nala, whose kidney function deteriorated to less than 10%, was given a grim prognosis from her veterinarian.

“Nala wasn’t supposed to make it another month let alone another four years,” Pantano said. “Her kidneys were very weak, she had always suffered from terrible allergies, she didn’t want to play, eat, walk – she had given up,” Pantano said. “I started doing research on kidney failure, allergies, digestive issues and lethargy in dogs and it all stemmed from the food I had been giving her. The grains and fillers that many companies use in their pet food products offer no nutritional value to your pet. In fact, many of these grains and fillers cause allergies and other health issues that lead to hair loss, chronic ear and eye infections, incontinence and more. I changed her diet and, well, she just celebrated her 6th birthday with the same energy she had when she was a pup.”

An entrepreneur by nature, Pantano decided he wanted to make the healthy pet food brands not only easily accessible but also, convenient and affordable.

“More then 63% of the households in the United States have at least one cat or dog,” Pantano said. “People are busy and the economy is tough but our pets our part of our family and we, as Americans pet owners, spend a lot of time and money on their care and well-being. Why not give them the best available foods on the market at a lower cost? On average, my customers save an average of $2-$5 on top-quality brands and that INCLUDES delivery to your door!”

Pantano’s most popular products, which he is the first to tell you, are rich with healthy, organic ingredients such as meat, fruits and vegetables, include: Taste of the Wild, Fromm, Orijen, Nature’s Variety, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Royal Canin and a variety of raw food diets. Treats, accessories, toys, holiday gift baskets, gift certificate and more are also offered. Customers appreciate the free at-home delivery with an order of $35 regardless of weight.

“The website is easy to use and you can order on an as-needed basis or set up a regular monthly delivery,” Pantano said. “You’ll see our trucks serving Chicago and the suburbs Monday through Saturday. You order today and we’ll bring it to you tomorrow.”

The website not only offers quality products and convenience, it includes monthly features from local animal experts on how to care for their pets.

“We have a veterinarian who makes house calls that is an expert contributor as well as a pet chiropractor, agility trainer, animal nutritionist, and professional dog walker/pet sitter from the city who share their expertise on the website. I really want to website to be as much about educating pet owners as it is about feeding their four-legged family members.”

With the holidays around the corner, Pantano is asking visitors to vote on a local animal shelter that they would like to see receive donations from in 2012.

“Nala has a brother, Luca, a three-year old German Shepherd that I rescued when he was about a year-old,” Pantano said. “Poor Luca had been so badly abused he cowered in the corner anytime someone got near him. Shelters are near-and-dear to my heart – my mom also has two shelter dogs. I want to help these animals and support the amazing people who volunteer their time and energy at these facilities.” has a customer loyalty program which helps customers accumulate PetFoodZoom dollars that they can use on future purchases. Custom-designed feline and canine holiday baskets are available and can be hand delivered to your door to your favorite pet anywhere in the Chicagoland area.

Visit to place and order or call 1-800-561- ZOOM (9666). You can also follow Pett Food Zoom and their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Tom Pantano, owner of, delivers pet food and more to your door.

Tom Pantano, owner of, delivers pet food and more to your door.

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